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package femto
import (
// Actions
const (
ActionCursorUp = "CursorUp"
ActionCursorDown = "CursorDown"
ActionCursorPageUp = "CursorPageUp"
ActionCursorPageDown = "CursorPageDown"
ActionCursorLeft = "CursorLeft"
ActionCursorRight = "CursorRight"
ActionCursorStart = "CursorStart"
ActionCursorEnd = "CursorEnd"
ActionSelectToStart = "SelectToStart"
ActionSelectToEnd = "SelectToEnd"
ActionSelectUp = "SelectUp"
ActionSelectDown = "SelectDown"
ActionSelectLeft = "SelectLeft"
ActionSelectRight = "SelectRight"
ActionWordRight = "WordRight"
ActionWordLeft = "WordLeft"
ActionSelectWordRight = "SelectWordRight"
ActionSelectWordLeft = "SelectWordLeft"
ActionDeleteWordRight = "DeleteWordRight"
ActionDeleteWordLeft = "DeleteWordLeft"
ActionSelectLine = "SelectLine"
ActionSelectToStartOfLine = "SelectToStartOfLine"
ActionSelectToEndOfLine = "SelectToEndOfLine"
ActionParagraphPrevious = "ParagraphPrevious"
ActionParagraphNext = "ParagraphNext"
ActionInsertNewline = "InsertNewline"
ActionInsertSpace = "InsertSpace"
ActionBackspace = "Backspace"
ActionDelete = "Delete"
ActionInsertTab = "InsertTab"
ActionCenter = "Center"
ActionUndo = "Undo"
ActionRedo = "Redo"
ActionCopy = "Copy"
ActionCut = "Cut"
ActionCutLine = "CutLine"
ActionDuplicateLine = "DuplicateLine"
ActionDeleteLine = "DeleteLine"
ActionMoveLinesUp = "MoveLinesUp"
ActionMoveLinesDown = "MoveLinesDown"
ActionIndentSelection = "IndentSelection"
ActionOutdentSelection = "OutdentSelection"
ActionOutdentLine = "OutdentLine"
ActionPaste = "Paste"
ActionSelectAll = "SelectAll"
ActionStart = "Start"
ActionEnd = "End"
ActionPageUp = "PageUp"
ActionPageDown = "PageDown"
ActionSelectPageUp = "SelectPageUp"
ActionSelectPageDown = "SelectPageDown"
ActionHalfPageUp = "HalfPageUp"
ActionHalfPageDown = "HalfPageDown"
ActionStartOfLine = "StartOfLine"
ActionEndOfLine = "EndOfLine"
ActionToggleRuler = "ToggleRuler"
ActionToggleOverwriteMode = "ToggleOverwriteMode"
ActionEscape = "Escape"
ActionScrollUp = "ScrollUp"
ActionScrollDown = "ScrollDown"
ActionSpawnMultiCursor = "SpawnMultiCursor"
ActionSpawnMultiCursorSelect = "SpawnMultiCursorSelect"
ActionRemoveMultiCursor = "RemoveMultiCursor"
ActionRemoveAllMultiCursors = "RemoveAllMultiCursors"
ActionSkipMultiCursor = "SkipMultiCursor"
ActionJumpToMatchingBrace = "JumpToMatchingBrace"
ActionInsertEnter = "InsertEnter"
ActionUnbindKey = "UnbindKey"
// keyDesc holds the data for a keypress (keycode + modifiers)
type keyDesc struct {
keyCode tcell.Key
modifiers tcell.ModMask
r rune
// KeyBindings associates key presses with view actions.
type KeyBindings map[keyDesc][]func(*View) bool
// NewKeyBindings returns a new set of keybindings from the given set of binding descriptions.
func NewKeyBindings(bindings map[string]string) KeyBindings {
return make(KeyBindings).BindKeys(bindings)
// BindKey binds a key to a list of actions. If the key is not found or if any action is not found, this function has
// no effect.
func (bindings KeyBindings) BindKey(key string, actions string) KeyBindings {
k, ok := findKey(key)
if !ok {
return bindings
actionNames := strings.Split(actions, ",")
if actionNames[0] == "UnbindKey" {
delete(bindings, k)
if len(actionNames) == 1 {
return bindings
actionNames = append(actionNames[:0], actionNames[1:]...)
acts := make([]func(*View) bool, 0, len(actionNames))
for _, actionName := range actionNames {
action := findAction(actionName)
if action == nil {
return bindings
acts = append(acts, action)
if len(acts) > 0 {
bindings[k] = acts
return bindings
// BindKeys binds a set of keys to actions.
func (bindings KeyBindings) BindKeys(keys map[string]string) KeyBindings {
for k, v := range keys {
bindings.BindKey(k, v)
return bindings
var bindingActions = map[string]func(*View) bool{
ActionCursorUp: (*View).CursorUp,
ActionCursorDown: (*View).CursorDown,
ActionCursorPageUp: (*View).CursorPageUp,
ActionCursorPageDown: (*View).CursorPageDown,
ActionCursorLeft: (*View).CursorLeft,
ActionCursorRight: (*View).CursorRight,
ActionCursorStart: (*View).CursorStart,
ActionCursorEnd: (*View).CursorEnd,
ActionSelectToStart: (*View).SelectToStart,
ActionSelectToEnd: (*View).SelectToEnd,
ActionSelectUp: (*View).SelectUp,
ActionSelectDown: (*View).SelectDown,
ActionSelectLeft: (*View).SelectLeft,
ActionSelectRight: (*View).SelectRight,
ActionWordRight: (*View).WordRight,
ActionWordLeft: (*View).WordLeft,
ActionSelectWordRight: (*View).SelectWordRight,
ActionSelectWordLeft: (*View).SelectWordLeft,
ActionDeleteWordRight: (*View).DeleteWordRight,
ActionDeleteWordLeft: (*View).DeleteWordLeft,
ActionSelectLine: (*View).SelectLine,
ActionSelectToStartOfLine: (*View).SelectToStartOfLine,
ActionSelectToEndOfLine: (*View).SelectToEndOfLine,
ActionParagraphPrevious: (*View).ParagraphPrevious,
ActionParagraphNext: (*View).ParagraphNext,
ActionInsertNewline: (*View).InsertNewline,
ActionInsertSpace: (*View).InsertSpace,
ActionBackspace: (*View).Backspace,
ActionDelete: (*View).Delete,
ActionInsertTab: (*View).InsertTab,
ActionCenter: (*View).Center,
ActionUndo: (*View).Undo,
ActionRedo: (*View).Redo,
ActionCopy: (*View).Copy,
ActionCut: (*View).Cut,
ActionCutLine: (*View).CutLine,
ActionDuplicateLine: (*View).DuplicateLine,
ActionDeleteLine: (*View).DeleteLine,
ActionMoveLinesUp: (*View).MoveLinesUp,
ActionMoveLinesDown: (*View).MoveLinesDown,
ActionIndentSelection: (*View).IndentSelection,
ActionOutdentSelection: (*View).OutdentSelection,
ActionOutdentLine: (*View).OutdentLine,
ActionPaste: (*View).Paste,
ActionSelectAll: (*View).SelectAll,
ActionStart: (*View).Start,
ActionEnd: (*View).End,
ActionPageUp: (*View).PageUp,
ActionPageDown: (*View).PageDown,
ActionSelectPageUp: (*View).SelectPageUp,
ActionSelectPageDown: (*View).SelectPageDown,
ActionHalfPageUp: (*View).HalfPageUp,
ActionHalfPageDown: (*View).HalfPageDown,
ActionStartOfLine: (*View).StartOfLine,
ActionEndOfLine: (*View).EndOfLine,
ActionToggleRuler: (*View).ToggleRuler,
ActionToggleOverwriteMode: (*View).ToggleOverwriteMode,
ActionEscape: (*View).Escape,
ActionScrollUp: (*View).ScrollUpAction,
ActionScrollDown: (*View).ScrollDownAction,
ActionSpawnMultiCursor: (*View).SpawnMultiCursor,
ActionSpawnMultiCursorSelect: (*View).SpawnMultiCursorSelect,
ActionRemoveMultiCursor: (*View).RemoveMultiCursor,
ActionRemoveAllMultiCursors: (*View).RemoveAllMultiCursors,
ActionSkipMultiCursor: (*View).SkipMultiCursor,
ActionJumpToMatchingBrace: (*View).JumpToMatchingBrace,
ActionInsertEnter: (*View).InsertNewline,
var bindingKeys = map[string]tcell.Key{
"Up": tcell.KeyUp,
"Down": tcell.KeyDown,
"Right": tcell.KeyRight,
"Left": tcell.KeyLeft,
"UpLeft": tcell.KeyUpLeft,
"UpRight": tcell.KeyUpRight,
"DownLeft": tcell.KeyDownLeft,
"DownRight": tcell.KeyDownRight,
"Center": tcell.KeyCenter,
"PageUp": tcell.KeyPgUp,
"PageDown": tcell.KeyPgDn,
"Home": tcell.KeyHome,
"End": tcell.KeyEnd,
"Insert": tcell.KeyInsert,
"Delete": tcell.KeyDelete,
"Help": tcell.KeyHelp,
"Exit": tcell.KeyExit,
"Clear": tcell.KeyClear,
"Cancel": tcell.KeyCancel,
"Print": tcell.KeyPrint,
"Pause": tcell.KeyPause,
"Backtab": tcell.KeyBacktab,
"F1": tcell.KeyF1,
"F2": tcell.KeyF2,
"F3": tcell.KeyF3,
"F4": tcell.KeyF4,
"F5": tcell.KeyF5,
"F6": tcell.KeyF6,
"F7": tcell.KeyF7,
"F8": tcell.KeyF8,
"F9": tcell.KeyF9,
"F10": tcell.KeyF10,
"F11": tcell.KeyF11,
"F12": tcell.KeyF12,
"F13": tcell.KeyF13,
"F14": tcell.KeyF14,
"F15": tcell.KeyF15,
"F16": tcell.KeyF16,
"F17": tcell.KeyF17,
"F18": tcell.KeyF18,
"F19": tcell.KeyF19,
"F20": tcell.KeyF20,
"F21": tcell.KeyF21,
"F22": tcell.KeyF22,
"F23": tcell.KeyF23,
"F24": tcell.KeyF24,
"F25": tcell.KeyF25,
"F26": tcell.KeyF26,
"F27": tcell.KeyF27,
"F28": tcell.KeyF28,
"F29": tcell.KeyF29,
"F30": tcell.KeyF30,
"F31": tcell.KeyF31,
"F32": tcell.KeyF32,
"F33": tcell.KeyF33,
"F34": tcell.KeyF34,
"F35": tcell.KeyF35,
"F36": tcell.KeyF36,
"F37": tcell.KeyF37,
"F38": tcell.KeyF38,
"F39": tcell.KeyF39,
"F40": tcell.KeyF40,
"F41": tcell.KeyF41,
"F42": tcell.KeyF42,
"F43": tcell.KeyF43,
"F44": tcell.KeyF44,
"F45": tcell.KeyF45,
"F46": tcell.KeyF46,
"F47": tcell.KeyF47,
"F48": tcell.KeyF48,
"F49": tcell.KeyF49,
"F50": tcell.KeyF50,
"F51": tcell.KeyF51,
"F52": tcell.KeyF52,
"F53": tcell.KeyF53,
"F54": tcell.KeyF54,
"F55": tcell.KeyF55,
"F56": tcell.KeyF56,
"F57": tcell.KeyF57,
"F58": tcell.KeyF58,
"F59": tcell.KeyF59,
"F60": tcell.KeyF60,
"F61": tcell.KeyF61,
"F62": tcell.KeyF62,
"F63": tcell.KeyF63,
"F64": tcell.KeyF64,
"CtrlSpace": tcell.KeyCtrlSpace,
"CtrlA": tcell.KeyCtrlA,
"CtrlB": tcell.KeyCtrlB,
"CtrlC": tcell.KeyCtrlC,
"CtrlD": tcell.KeyCtrlD,
"CtrlE": tcell.KeyCtrlE,
"CtrlF": tcell.KeyCtrlF,
"CtrlG": tcell.KeyCtrlG,
"CtrlH": tcell.KeyCtrlH,
"CtrlI": tcell.KeyCtrlI,
"CtrlJ": tcell.KeyCtrlJ,
"CtrlK": tcell.KeyCtrlK,
"CtrlL": tcell.KeyCtrlL,
"CtrlM": tcell.KeyCtrlM,
"CtrlN": tcell.KeyCtrlN,
"CtrlO": tcell.KeyCtrlO,
"CtrlP": tcell.KeyCtrlP,
"CtrlQ": tcell.KeyCtrlQ,
"CtrlR": tcell.KeyCtrlR,
"CtrlS": tcell.KeyCtrlS,
"CtrlT": tcell.KeyCtrlT,
"CtrlU": tcell.KeyCtrlU,
"CtrlV": tcell.KeyCtrlV,
"CtrlW": tcell.KeyCtrlW,
"CtrlX": tcell.KeyCtrlX,
"CtrlY": tcell.KeyCtrlY,
"CtrlZ": tcell.KeyCtrlZ,
"CtrlLeftSq": tcell.KeyCtrlLeftSq,
"CtrlBackslash": tcell.KeyCtrlBackslash,
"CtrlRightSq": tcell.KeyCtrlRightSq,
"CtrlCarat": tcell.KeyCtrlCarat,
"CtrlUnderscore": tcell.KeyCtrlUnderscore,
"Tab": tcell.KeyTab,
"Esc": tcell.KeyEsc,
"Escape": tcell.KeyEscape,
"Enter": tcell.KeyEnter,
"Backspace": tcell.KeyBackspace2,
"OldBackspace": tcell.KeyBackspace,
// I renamed these keys to PageUp and PageDown but I don't want to break someone's keybindings
"PgUp": tcell.KeyPgUp,
"PgDown": tcell.KeyPgDn,
var DefaultKeyBindings KeyBindings
// InitBindings initializes the keybindings for micro
func init() {
DefaultKeyBindings = NewKeyBindings(map[string]string{
"Up": ActionCursorUp,
"Down": ActionCursorDown,
"Right": ActionCursorRight,
"Left": ActionCursorLeft,
"ShiftUp": ActionSelectUp,
"ShiftDown": ActionSelectDown,
"ShiftLeft": ActionSelectLeft,
"ShiftRight": ActionSelectRight,
"AltLeft": ActionWordLeft,
"AltRight": ActionWordRight,
"AltUp": ActionMoveLinesUp,
"AltDown": ActionMoveLinesDown,
"AltShiftRight": ActionSelectWordRight,
"AltShiftLeft": ActionSelectWordLeft,
"CtrlLeft": ActionStartOfLine,
"CtrlRight": ActionEndOfLine,
"CtrlShiftLeft": ActionSelectToStartOfLine,
"ShiftHome": ActionSelectToStartOfLine,
"CtrlShiftRight": ActionSelectToEndOfLine,
"ShiftEnd": ActionSelectToEndOfLine,
"CtrlUp": ActionCursorStart,
"CtrlDown": ActionCursorEnd,
"CtrlShiftUp": ActionSelectToStart,
"CtrlShiftDown": ActionSelectToEnd,
"Alt-{": ActionParagraphPrevious,
"Alt-}": ActionParagraphNext,
"Enter": ActionInsertNewline,
"CtrlH": ActionBackspace,
"Backspace": ActionBackspace,
"Alt-CtrlH": ActionDeleteWordLeft,
"Alt-Backspace": ActionDeleteWordLeft,
"Tab": ActionIndentSelection + "," + ActionInsertTab,
"Backtab": ActionOutdentSelection + "," + ActionOutdentLine,
"CtrlZ": ActionUndo,
"CtrlY": ActionRedo,
"CtrlC": ActionCopy,
"CtrlX": ActionCut,
"CtrlK": ActionCutLine,
"CtrlD": ActionDuplicateLine,
"CtrlV": ActionPaste,
"CtrlA": ActionSelectAll,
"Home": ActionStartOfLine,
"End": ActionEndOfLine,
"CtrlHome": ActionCursorStart,
"CtrlEnd": ActionCursorEnd,
"PageUp": ActionCursorPageUp,
"PageDown": ActionCursorPageDown,
"CtrlR": ActionToggleRuler,
"Delete": ActionDelete,
"Insert": ActionToggleOverwriteMode,
"Alt-f": ActionWordRight,
"Alt-b": ActionWordLeft,
"Alt-a": ActionStartOfLine,
"Alt-e": ActionEndOfLine,
"Esc": ActionEscape,
"Alt-n": ActionSpawnMultiCursor,
"Alt-m": ActionSpawnMultiCursorSelect,
"Alt-p": ActionRemoveMultiCursor,
"Alt-c": ActionRemoveAllMultiCursors,
"Alt-x": ActionSkipMultiCursor,
// findKey will find binding Key 'b' using string 'k'
func findKey(k string) (b keyDesc, ok bool) {
modifiers := tcell.ModNone
// First, we'll strip off all the modifiers in the name and add them to the
// ModMask
for {
switch {
case strings.HasPrefix(k, "-"):
// We optionally support dashes between modifiers
k = k[1:]
case strings.HasPrefix(k, "Ctrl") && k != "CtrlH":
// CtrlH technically does not have a 'Ctrl' modifier because it is really backspace
k = k[4:]
modifiers |= tcell.ModCtrl
case strings.HasPrefix(k, "Alt"):
k = k[3:]
modifiers |= tcell.ModAlt
case strings.HasPrefix(k, "Shift"):
k = k[5:]
modifiers |= tcell.ModShift
break modSearch
if len(k) == 0 {
return keyDesc{}, false
// Control is handled specially, since some character codes in bindingKeys
// are different when Control is depressed. We should check for Control keys
// first.
if modifiers&tcell.ModCtrl != 0 {
// see if the key is in bindingKeys with the Ctrl prefix.
k = string(unicode.ToUpper(rune(k[0]))) + k[1:]
if code, ok := bindingKeys["Ctrl"+k]; ok {
// It is, we're done.
return keyDesc{
keyCode: code,
modifiers: modifiers,
r: 0,
}, true
// See if we can find the key in bindingKeys
if code, ok := bindingKeys[k]; ok {
return keyDesc{
keyCode: code,
modifiers: modifiers,
r: 0,
}, true
// If we were given one character, then we've got a rune.
if len(k) == 1 {
return keyDesc{
keyCode: tcell.KeyRune,
modifiers: modifiers,
r: rune(k[0]),
}, true
// We don't know what happened.
return keyDesc{}, false
// findAction will find 'action' using string 'v'
func findAction(v string) (action func(*View) bool) {
action, _ = bindingActions[v]
return action