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package femto
import (
// Colorscheme is a map from string to style -- it represents a colorscheme
type Colorscheme map[string]tcell.Style
// The current default colorscheme
var colorscheme Colorscheme
// The default cell style
var defStyle tcell.Style
// GetColor takes in a syntax group and returns the colorscheme's style for that group
func GetColor(color string) tcell.Style {
return colorscheme.GetColor(color)
// GetColor takes in a syntax group and returns the colorscheme's style for that group
func (colorscheme Colorscheme) GetColor(color string) tcell.Style {
st := defStyle
if color == "" {
return st
groups := strings.Split(color, ".")
if len(groups) > 1 {
curGroup := ""
for i, g := range groups {
if i != 0 {
curGroup += "."
curGroup += g
if style, ok := colorscheme[curGroup]; ok {
st = style
} else if style, ok := colorscheme[color]; ok {
st = style
} else {
st = StringToStyle(color)
return st
// init picks and initializes the colorscheme when micro starts
func init() {
colorscheme = make(Colorscheme)
defStyle = tcell.StyleDefault.
// SetDefaultColorscheme sets the current default colorscheme for new Views.
func SetDefaultColorscheme(scheme Colorscheme) {
colorscheme = scheme
// ParseColorscheme parses the text definition for a colorscheme and returns the corresponding object
// Colorschemes are made up of color-link statements linking a color group to a list of colors
// For example, color-link keyword (blue,red) makes all keywords have a blue foreground and
// red background
func ParseColorscheme(text string) Colorscheme {
parser := regexp.MustCompile(`color-link\s+(\S*)\s+"(.*)"`)
lines := strings.Split(text, "\n")
c := make(Colorscheme)
for _, line := range lines {
if strings.TrimSpace(line) == "" ||
strings.TrimSpace(line)[0] == '#' {
// Ignore this line
matches := parser.FindSubmatch([]byte(line))
if len(matches) == 3 {
link := string(matches[1])
colors := string(matches[2])
style := StringToStyle(colors)
c[link] = style
if link == "default" {
defStyle = style
} else {
fmt.Println("Color-link statement is not valid:", line)
return c
// StringToStyle returns a style from a string
// The strings must be in the format "extra foregroundcolor,backgroundcolor"
// The 'extra' can be bold, reverse, or underline
func StringToStyle(str string) tcell.Style {
var fg, bg string
spaceSplit := strings.Split(str, " ")
var split []string
if len(spaceSplit) > 1 {
split = strings.Split(spaceSplit[1], ",")
} else {
split = strings.Split(str, ",")
if len(split) > 1 {
fg, bg = split[0], split[1]
} else {
fg = split[0]
fg = strings.TrimSpace(fg)
bg = strings.TrimSpace(bg)
var fgColor, bgColor tcell.Color
if fg == "" {
fgColor, _, _ = defStyle.Decompose()
} else {
fgColor = StringToColor(fg)
if bg == "" {
_, bgColor, _ = defStyle.Decompose()
} else {
bgColor = StringToColor(bg)
style := defStyle.Foreground(fgColor).Background(bgColor)
if strings.Contains(str, "bold") {
style = style.Bold(true)
if strings.Contains(str, "reverse") {
style = style.Reverse(true)
if strings.Contains(str, "underline") {
style = style.Underline(true)
return style
// StringToColor returns a tcell color from a string representation of a color
// We accept either bright... or light... to mean the brighter version of a color
func StringToColor(str string) tcell.Color {
switch str {
case "black":
return tcell.ColorBlack
case "red":
return tcell.ColorMaroon
case "green":
return tcell.ColorGreen
case "yellow":
return tcell.ColorOlive
case "blue":
return tcell.ColorNavy
case "magenta":
return tcell.ColorPurple
case "cyan":
return tcell.ColorTeal
case "white":
return tcell.ColorSilver
case "brightblack", "lightblack":
return tcell.ColorGray
case "brightred", "lightred":
return tcell.ColorRed
case "brightgreen", "lightgreen":
return tcell.ColorLime
case "brightyellow", "lightyellow":
return tcell.ColorYellow
case "brightblue", "lightblue":
return tcell.ColorBlue
case "brightmagenta", "lightmagenta":
return tcell.ColorFuchsia
case "brightcyan", "lightcyan":
return tcell.ColorAqua
case "brightwhite", "lightwhite":
return tcell.ColorWhite
case "default":
return tcell.ColorDefault
// Check if this is a 256 color
if num, err := strconv.Atoi(str); err == nil {
return GetColor256(num)
// Probably a truecolor hex value
return tcell.GetColor(str)
// GetColor256 returns the tcell color for a number between 0 and 255
func GetColor256(color int) tcell.Color {
colors := []tcell.Color{tcell.ColorBlack, tcell.ColorMaroon, tcell.ColorGreen,
tcell.ColorOlive, tcell.ColorNavy, tcell.ColorPurple,
tcell.ColorTeal, tcell.ColorSilver, tcell.ColorGray,
tcell.ColorRed, tcell.ColorLime, tcell.ColorYellow,
tcell.ColorBlue, tcell.ColorFuchsia, tcell.ColorAqua,
tcell.ColorWhite, tcell.Color16, tcell.Color17, tcell.Color18, tcell.Color19, tcell.Color20,
tcell.Color21, tcell.Color22, tcell.Color23, tcell.Color24, tcell.Color25, tcell.Color26, tcell.Color27, tcell.Color28,
tcell.Color29, tcell.Color30, tcell.Color31, tcell.Color32, tcell.Color33, tcell.Color34, tcell.Color35, tcell.Color36,
tcell.Color37, tcell.Color38, tcell.Color39, tcell.Color40, tcell.Color41, tcell.Color42, tcell.Color43, tcell.Color44,
tcell.Color45, tcell.Color46, tcell.Color47, tcell.Color48, tcell.Color49, tcell.Color50, tcell.Color51, tcell.Color52,
tcell.Color53, tcell.Color54, tcell.Color55, tcell.Color56, tcell.Color57, tcell.Color58, tcell.Color59, tcell.Color60,
tcell.Color61, tcell.Color62, tcell.Color63, tcell.Color64, tcell.Color65, tcell.Color66, tcell.Color67, tcell.Color68,
tcell.Color69, tcell.Color70, tcell.Color71, tcell.Color72, tcell.Color73, tcell.Color74, tcell.Color75, tcell.Color76,
tcell.Color77, tcell.Color78, tcell.Color79, tcell.Color80, tcell.Color81, tcell.Color82, tcell.Color83, tcell.Color84,
tcell.Color85, tcell.Color86, tcell.Color87, tcell.Color88, tcell.Color89, tcell.Color90, tcell.Color91, tcell.Color92,
tcell.Color93, tcell.Color94, tcell.Color95, tcell.Color96, tcell.Color97, tcell.Color98, tcell.Color99, tcell.Color100,
tcell.Color101, tcell.Color102, tcell.Color103, tcell.Color104, tcell.Color105, tcell.Color106, tcell.Color107, tcell.Color108,
tcell.Color109, tcell.Color110, tcell.Color111, tcell.Color112, tcell.Color113, tcell.Color114, tcell.Color115, tcell.Color116,
tcell.Color117, tcell.Color118, tcell.Color119, tcell.Color120, tcell.Color121, tcell.Color122, tcell.Color123, tcell.Color124,
tcell.Color125, tcell.Color126, tcell.Color127, tcell.Color128, tcell.Color129, tcell.Color130, tcell.Color131, tcell.Color132,
tcell.Color133, tcell.Color134, tcell.Color135, tcell.Color136, tcell.Color137, tcell.Color138, tcell.Color139, tcell.Color140,
tcell.Color141, tcell.Color142, tcell.Color143, tcell.Color144, tcell.Color145, tcell.Color146, tcell.Color147, tcell.Color148,
tcell.Color149, tcell.Color150, tcell.Color151, tcell.Color152, tcell.Color153, tcell.Color154, tcell.Color155, tcell.Color156,
tcell.Color157, tcell.Color158, tcell.Color159, tcell.Color160, tcell.Color161, tcell.Color162, tcell.Color163, tcell.Color164,
tcell.Color165, tcell.Color166, tcell.Color167, tcell.Color168, tcell.Color169, tcell.Color170, tcell.Color171, tcell.Color172,
tcell.Color173, tcell.Color174, tcell.Color175, tcell.Color176, tcell.Color177, tcell.Color178, tcell.Color179, tcell.Color180,
tcell.Color181, tcell.Color182, tcell.Color183, tcell.Color184, tcell.Color185, tcell.Color186, tcell.Color187, tcell.Color188,
tcell.Color189, tcell.Color190, tcell.Color191, tcell.Color192, tcell.Color193, tcell.Color194, tcell.Color195, tcell.Color196,
tcell.Color197, tcell.Color198, tcell.Color199, tcell.Color200, tcell.Color201, tcell.Color202, tcell.Color203, tcell.Color204,
tcell.Color205, tcell.Color206, tcell.Color207, tcell.Color208, tcell.Color209, tcell.Color210, tcell.Color211, tcell.Color212,
tcell.Color213, tcell.Color214, tcell.Color215, tcell.Color216, tcell.Color217, tcell.Color218, tcell.Color219, tcell.Color220,
tcell.Color221, tcell.Color222, tcell.Color223, tcell.Color224, tcell.Color225, tcell.Color226, tcell.Color227, tcell.Color228,
tcell.Color229, tcell.Color230, tcell.Color231, tcell.Color232, tcell.Color233, tcell.Color234, tcell.Color235, tcell.Color236,
tcell.Color237, tcell.Color238, tcell.Color239, tcell.Color240, tcell.Color241, tcell.Color242, tcell.Color243, tcell.Color244,
tcell.Color245, tcell.Color246, tcell.Color247, tcell.Color248, tcell.Color249, tcell.Color250, tcell.Color251, tcell.Color252,
tcell.Color253, tcell.Color254, tcell.Color255,
if color >= 0 && color < len(colors) {
return colors[color]
return tcell.ColorDefault