a shitty wrapper around gotify because i dont like typing in http requests by hand
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package gfnnotify
import (
type Notifier struct {
apptoken string
endpoint string
type Msg struct {
Title string `json:"title"`
Message string `json:"message"`
Priority string `json:"priority"`
Extras struct {
ClientDisplay struct {
ContentType string `json:"contentType"`
} `json:"client::display"`
} `json:"extras"`
func (m *Notifier) SendMarkdownMsg(msg Msg) (int, error) {
msg.Extras.ClientDisplay.ContentType = "text/markdown"
js, err := json.Marshal(msg)
form, err := http.Post(m.endpoint+"/message?token="+m.apptoken, "application/json", bytes.NewBuffer(js))
defer form.Body.Close()
return form.StatusCode, err
func (m *Notifier) SendPlainMsg(msg Msg) (int, error) {
data := url.Values{
"title": {msg.Title},
"message": {msg.Message},
"priority": {msg.Priority},
form, err := http.PostForm(m.endpoint+"/message?token="+m.apptoken, data)
defer form.Body.Close()
return form.StatusCode, err