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package main
// discord configs
type discord struct {
Bots []discordBot `json:"bots,omitempty"`
type discordBot struct {
BotName string `json:"bot_name,omitempty"`
BotID string `json:"bot_id,omitempty"`
Config discordBotConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
Servers []discordServer `json:"servers,omitempty"`
type discordBotConfig struct {
Token string `json:"token,omitempty"`
Game string `json:"game,omitempty"`
DMResp responseArray `json:"dm_response,omitempty"`
type discordServer struct {
ServerID string `json:"server_id,omitempty"`
Config discordServerConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
ChanGroups []channelGroup `json:"channel_groups,omitempty"`
Permissions []permission `json:"permissions,omitempty"`
Filters []filter `json:"filters,omitempty"`
type discordServerConfig struct {
Prefix string `json:"prefix,omitempty"`
Clear bool `json:"clear_commands,omitempty"`
WebHooks discordWebHooks `json:"web_hooks,omitempty"`
type discordWebHooks struct {
Logs string `json:"logs,omitempty"`
type discordKickOnMention struct {
Roles []string `json:"roles,omitempty"`
Users []string `json:"users,omitempty"`
Direct responseArray `json:"dm,omitempty"`
Channel responseArray `json:"channel,omitempty"`
Kick bool `json:"kick,omitempty"`