netctl-obfuscate is a tool wrapping wpa_passphrase to convert plaintext keys in netctl config files to a PSK.
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netctl uses wpa_supplicant for connecting to wireless networks. wpa_supplicant comes with a tool, wpa_passphrase, which obfuscates the WPA/WEP key. netctl-obfuscate wraps around wpa_passphrase to automatically update netctl profiles to use the obfuscated PSK instead of the plaintext key.

Running netctl-obfuscate creates a backup of the netctl profile named <profilename>.orig, which can be restored if the program does something it's not supposed to. If that happens, opening an issue describing what happened would be much appreciated.



Requires go.


Clone this repo (git clone, cd to it, and run go build. The binary will be written to the working directory.

Alternatively, run the first two commands and then go install which will install a binary to your GOBIN path.


Run go get

Alternatively, if you're running Arch/Arch derivatives, netctl-obfuscate is available on the AUR.


See the copyright file.