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TeXlive Docker Images

Docker images for TeXLive, assuming you need a specific flavour of TeXLive.

This Docker image uses Alpine as a base and adds the medium profile of TeXLive, as well as Inkscape, ImageMagick, and associated font support.

gryffyn/texlive-xetex (profile)


The fastest way to build a document at hand (once) is this:

docker run --rm \
    --volume `pwd`:/work/src:ro \
    --volume `pwd`/out:/work/out \
    gryffyn/texlive-xetex \
    work 'xelatex hello_world.tex'


  • This assumes that all TeXlive packages beyond what is contained in the texlive-xetex image are listed in Texlivefile.
  • This may overwrite files in out. Chose a folder name that you currently do not use.


Place a file called Texlivefile with a list of required CTAN packages, one name per line, in the source directory. The container will install all packages on that list before running the work command.


You can adjust some defaults of the main container script by setting environment variables

  • BUILDSCRIPT (default:
    If present, the given script will be executed unless a work command is specified.
  • TEXLIVEFILE (default: Texlivefile)
    The file to read dependencies from.
  • OUTPUT (default: *.pdf *.log)
    Shell pattern for all files that should be copied from the working to the output directory.


All output of the work command is collected in a single folder; extract it with:

docker cp $container:/work/tmp ./



docker build -t texlive-xetex --build-arg "profile=medium-xetex" .


For customization, it's recommended you customize the Docker image this one is based on - reitzig/texlive-docker